Working for you, is working with you. To better meet your needs, it is essential we work together on all aspects of your project.

a) Analysing your project

This is the beginning of our relationship. We take the time to discuss your wishes with you, but also any concerns you may have. We can also advise you if your action plan is not clearly defined.

b) Drawing up a quotation

After having gleaned all the necessary information, we will prepare a quotation estimating as closely as possible the likely costs. Needless to say, it is possible to obtain a variety of options taking into account different budgets.

c) Planning the site

To ensure the least inconvenience, we will determine in partnership with our clients the key stages where we need to be on site, including the hours and days of work. The choice of materials as well as the fitting and layout of your bathroom will also be specified in partnership with you. It is a question of providing excellent support. From initial contact with the suppliers to on-going meetings with them, we will be at your side.

d) Implementing the work

We will put everything in place to minimise inconvenience as much as possible. During your bathroom renovation work, we dismantle everything completely and retain only the essential features. Then, we will refit and refurbish it (reorganising the space, undertaking plumbing and electrical work, tiling, etc.). The most important thing for us is to meet your expectations and to stick to the plan.