Bath: basic formula

Supply and installation of equipment


  • Bath Procasa Uno steel, soundproofing 170 x 70 x 41
  • Feet Allround-support, adjustable for bathtubs Kaldwwei
  • Dump bath GEBERIT CEN eccentric 48 x 1/8 output siphons 56 mm cable 65cm
  • Set GEBERIT flow, drain plug + rosette chrome eccentric
  • Cartridge Silicone Sealant
  • Bath mixer MANTIS spacing 153 mm, adjustable joints ½ x ¾ shower hose Easy
  • Support SIMILORL synthetic fixed chrome
  • Handrail bent bars to soap making Procasa Uno 41.7 x 19.7 cm
  • Towel bar 61cm proCasaUno



  • Sink Procasa Uno ceramic standard tap hole 60 x 47cm
  • Screw buffer metal 145 mm
  • CERMIJOINT white
  • MANTIS S basin mixer 130mm spout fixed eccentric drain hose connection
  • Control valve SIMILOR S 75mm ½ clamp connection
  • Siphon Nikes, chrome plated brass 1 ¼
  • Soap Procasa Uno, clear glass bowl
  • Towel Procasa Uno 42cm, 2 swing arm, chrome
  • Bathroom cabinet Procasa Uno aluminum profile, double mirror door, open shelf, taken interchangeable screen lighting opal 24W T5 fluorescent tube, EVG, IP24 White, 60 x 67.2 x 12.5 cm, hinges on the left or right



  • Cuvette wall Procasa Uno, UP 52 x 35.5 cm ceramic standard for flush recessed white
  • CERMIJOINT white
  • Element to wall WC DUFOFIX up320 112 card type mounting set of fictions, feet, recessed flush control valve ½ to control the front two quantities
  • Elbow flow Geberit Duofix element 90 ° to wall WC
  • Trim cuff GEBRIT Wall UP 2 cups pure chrome caps.
  • Closure Plate SAMBA plastic control by front bench two quantities
  • Siege of pro Casa Uno toilet lid hinges systemic white
  • Paper Holder Procasa uno, with lid
  • Supply and installation of all



  • Replacement of pipes hot and cold water pipes and drains, from the columns rising and falling
  • Manpower and forfeitures



  • De tuning deposits capping and drainage equipment, pipes and fittings of the following setup:
  • 1 shower or bath installation
  • 1 sink installation
  • 1 toilet facility ground
  • Labor and tax relief